What can I expect from a lesson?

Private lessons are 50 minutes long. During that time a student works with a teacher to become aware of his or her own mind/body connection; how the student uses him or herself; what physical habits the student has that affect them, and how to think about physical use in a new, more balanced, and more effective way.

The mind/body relationship is of utmost importance in The Alexander Technique. As such, AT differs from other therapies—such as massage, or chiropractic—in that the teacher is more of an educated guide who helps direct the student towards a better understanding.

As the student learns more about the technique, he or she will be able to apply it throughout his or her daily life, regardless of the situation. Think of it as learning a new language. The more it is studied the more it will be understood, and the more useful it becomes away from the classroom.

This is one of the main strengths of the technique. By learning how to think about and use themselves, students are able to move beyond temporary pain relief and into long-term ease.