Having your child diagnosed with scoliosis is a very uneasy and scary time for parents. They are concerned not only about the present deformity, but really wonder about what can be done to help their child now and in the future. I have found in my practice of Pediatric Orthopedics that the Alexander Technique, as taught by Julia Caulder, is both therapeutic to the patients as well as it is comforting to the parents. This valuable non invasive technique assists patients in both body image as well as improves the scoliosis curve in terms of magnitude. Frequently, early intervention with this technique obviates the need for surgery in a vast majority of my patients. I consider it a front line treatment for scoliosis in my young adolescent patients.


Dr. Thomas J. Grogan, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

After working with Julia, friends say I walk taller and have more presence. Julia is a delight to spend time with; responsible, responsive, friendly and concerned. She has enabled me to focus on my posture without it seeming like work.

Simon Sutton
Executive Vice President
International Television MGM Worldwide Television Distribution

I think I was really lucky to find Julia as my first Alexander teacher. Lessons are relaxed and approached with a sense of humor. It makes it very easy to learn! Each lesson added a little bit more, just enough to progress without feeling overwhelmed. Even after a few months it’s made a huge difference. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Mark C
Google Software Engineer

I came to study the Alexander Technique with Julia Caulder in hopes of finding a way to relieve debilitating tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. For several years, I had visited physicians and massage therapists, but received only temporary relief from the pain and continued to have tension-related problems in my flute playing and constant pain. Through Julia’s patient, hands-on teaching of the Alexander Technique, I learned to approach the root of the problem – my own lack of body awareness and years of bad habits. Though the Alexander Technique is not a “quick fix,” within a matter of weeks I nearly eliminated all of my pain and began to substitute good habits for the bad. Two years later, I still learn something new about myself in every lesson. I feel confident recommending anyone, of any occupation, concerned about body awareness and relief of tension to Julia Caulder and the Alexander Technique.

Joanna Sisk-Purvis
Professional Flute Player

The Alexander Technique is remarkable. Julia Caulder is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend both.

Kenneth Branagh

I have learned how integral body awareness is to my acting. “The audience doesn’t experience anything that the actor doesn’t experience in his/her whole body.” Before I was really familiar with the Alexander Technique I only partially understood this phrase. Now I know what it means to experience something in my whole body, and how to make an adjustment if I am not. Also, more than just a physical awareness discipline, I have found that stopping and being aware is a saving grace in just about every other area of my life whether it be relationships or emotional life or mental habituation.

Benjamin Scott Perry

I don’t completely understand the mechanics of the Alexander Technique but one thing is for sure: I am a believer. Having spent only the past three months with Julia learning the Alexander Technique, I have reduced my neck pain, and the associated incapacitating effects, to a mere fraction of where it was when I began.

I discovered the Alexander Technique after having endured months of fruitless time, energy and money invested in treatments by doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists, none of which provided satisfactory results. To my amazement, I realized improvement immediately, after just one lesson with Julia. The Alexander Technique has saved me and helped to restore my life back to near normal. Beyond the freeing of tension, I have learned to slow my entire nervous system. So it came as no surprise to find that, during the week I wore a heart monitor to assess the extent of random tachycardia episodes I was experiencing, the results showed that my slowest pulse of the week, even slower than when I was sleeping, occurred during my Alexander Technique lesson with Julia. The mind-body connection runs deep, and Julia is the perfect teacher to help you find it.

Kim Traenkle